Friday, December 10, 2010

MicroCap Conferences

Small Cap Investors have something to cheer for as the micro capitalized companies are making a lot of noise in 2011. The turmoil in the economic situation of the United States and the world in general has shrunk investors piggy banks and led a few to notice the long overlooked micro cap sector. Two that were found on a quick search are being held in part by Sidoti & Company LLC, and Accredited Members Holding Corporation (OTCBB:ACCM) receptively.

Sidoti & Company LLC states:

"Sidoti & Company, LLC Micro-Cap Conferences afford little-known companies a chance to strut their stuff in front of a group of savvy institutional investors — declaring what their organizations are all about, what innovations they have developed and/or capitalized on, how they stand out from their rivals, and why the investment community should pay attention to them."

While Accredited Members Holding Corporation via GLOBE news wire is advertising that:

"Conference attendees will be able to meet the most current AMI issuer profile clients in a personal setting, allowing them to hear and digest company information directly from the company. Networking with fellow high net-worth individuals is another core benefit of the conference, which provides informal opportunities for discussion to discuss investing strategies and deeper analysis of opportunities."

At, we believe that any conference that brings the "small" companies together, is worth the time. Links are below.

Micro-Cap Conference
January 10, 2011
Grand Hyatt New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan

Tucson, Arizona. March,7-8 2011,

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