Monday, December 13, 2010

The Return of The Micro Cap & Risktakers that love them.

The dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, or does it? I pose you this leading question, do empires get built less expensive in a recession? The misnomers that the stock market is to expensive should have been flushed away long time ago, micro cap companies, or small caps as they are sometimes called can be a great inexpensive way to own products and services you like, with a no-frills kind of stock. Now we need to be level headed, micro caps are of the highest risk and should really only be for the professional investors. Massive amount of due diligence, homework, and understanding must be done before an investment can be thought of as sound. Some have taken this leap of faith and are working their portfolios to return a nice profit.

Here are a few who have bought into the micro cap sector and some wouldn't even consider themselves risk takers.

  • Royce Fund ( They profess that they invest in value with a focus on small companies. They also have mutual funds focused on small caps.
  • Sidoti & Company LLC- This firm is super special to us hear at, mainly because they love penny stocks and small caps, but also because every year for the last three years they have held a micro cap convention in New York City.
  • Paulson Investment (.com)- This is a company that through its parent is traded on the Nasdaq as PLCC and is known for taking micro cap companies public. They are also a broker/dealer and are a great place to talk to when it comes to taking your small/micro business to the stock exchange.
  • Homescape LLC ( Well we are obviously bias since this is our parent, but the company is focused partly on researching and reporting micro-cap companies and stocks and reporting on newsletters through out the Internet and the country. A good place to find many postings and news for micro cap stocks and investments.
  • Roth ( This is a special firm not only focused on micro caps but especially on micro caps in Asia, china to be more specific. Since the country of China is emerging, we here at are sure that so will the stocks there, but of course, buyer beware, microcaps are extremely risky to invest in and in China even more so.
The microcap seems to be back, at least for the recession while your dollar is worth a little less, but it doesn't have to be like this, there is always a small company that will one day be that fortune 100, you just have to do your homework. Safe micro cap investing!

-The MicroCapCompany Team
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  1. In fact penny shares and micro caps have done well during following the downturn. I think one of the reasons,is the increase in the mergers and accusations activity as smaller companies tend to get a performance boost, which is common toward the end of a recession when valuations become more attractive and larger companies look for ways to grow their businesses.