Friday, February 18, 2011


A start-up in the sea of start-ups, The AAGWATT Partnership has verbalized and publicized their mission to place education on water bottles (sufficient enough to get degrees like a high school or college diploma) quite well. The two founders, Nicholas Coriano and Jarrett Rumoro, met in Chicago only a little over a year and a half ago and today have; an order placed with an artesian water well in the Midwest, a marketing scheme growing at an exponential rate, and one really solid game plan they've term "HYDROCATION" (also the name of their future water bottle).

After placing several dozen calls to water companies and bottlers, the partnership has a growing relationship with Avita Water LLC whom they have contracted with to begin the process of designing their labels and bottling their water. The partnership wants to vertically and horizontally integrate suppliers and retailers to bring their product to market. Now taking the position of director at AAGWATT, co-founder Nicholas Coriano states "We are looking at several options for partnerships to bring our mission of educating while providing food to the world into fruition." Bottles are expected to be in the sales force hand by the summer, but options are open as the two college students are attentive to making their product Eco friendly, and in short...perfect.

"We have learned from partners and independent research that the water business is a very tough business, supermarkets can be cut-throat, but we are diligent and nothing will stop us. We are here to hydrocate the world" proclaimed Jarrett Rumoro, acting President, when asked if he has any concerns about the start-up.

The company's marketing plan is quite creative and maybe just as powerful as the attitudes of the founders about changing the world. They have created "The AAGWATT T-Shirt" and sold a few dozen, no big deal right? Well the point of the T-shirt is to be seen in front of major landmarks or sporting events in the world. Result; after just five months of beginning the scheme picture are beginning to appear from Arizona, to Vermont and back to California. So fans and supporters are in stadiums like Wrigley Field in Chicago and England at the home of Manchester United. The company expects to have the same kind of pictures and or videos from China and Washington DC shortly, and eventually all seven continents. The pictures are expected to increase the world-wide perception of the AAGWATT mission and go viral with their Internet marketing scheme.


The two were tight lipped when it came to divulging their game plan except Mr. Rumoro who stated... "The world needs to be fed nutrients for the body and the mind and that's what we are going to do." The shed a little light on their distribution stating solely that they are thinking outside the box and the first place you may see them may not be your local grocery store, unless they buy a few of them out. Yes these two think big and are gaining momentum with other student getting involved in what they say is the bigger plan. "Profit with a Purpose" the terminology followed by the Parent Company to the partnership leads to a further interesting look at what students are doing to make certain their futures are bright. Stay tuned to people like this.

Erik Weiss

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