Friday, March 18, 2011

Who's Advertising MICROCAP FUNDS

Far and few in between have holdings in microcap companies, but those that do are worth mentioning; so that one may at least have guidance from those who consider themselves professionals in their field. A basic Google search shows instantly four funds that have paid to either show up on the top paid advertisement bar or the side bar. The funds being advertised in order of strength are as follows:
  • Vangaurd
  • Royce Funds
  • PowerShares Zacks Microcap ETF
  • Aquinas Small Cap Fund

The following funds showed up through a natural Google search, meaning they did not necessarily pay Google to show up, rather their website are tagged in such a way that MICROCAP FUNDS are keyed and appear frequently.

  • Buffalo Funds
  • Wasatch MicroCap Fund

Worth mentioning is, this is a great site with great contributors focused on the microcap sector. Some financial advisers watch closely what funds are doing in certain sectors as an indicator of movement in that sector. The microcap sector analysis is no different. Watching and understanding what the institutions are doing, those bearing a large risk by holding the stocks, will allow you to see a better total picture of your investment. Always research as much as you can.

Safe investing

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  1. The penny stock prophet has a nice organization as well