Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Micro Cap Conferences You Don't Want To Miss!

At MicroCapCompany.com we have previously written about events and conferences for accredited members and micro cap companies.  It seems over the past year that more investor relations firms and OTC companies are joining the mix; listing themselves to attend the latest micro cap conferences.  Here at three micro cap conferences you do not want to miss:

(the following are excerpts of advertisements or press releases)


The Accredited Members Winter 2011 Small Cap/Micro Cap Investment Research Conference will be held December 5-6, 2011 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Tucson, Arizona. If you have never attended an AMI conference before, come along and experience it - without cost or obligation.

This FREE event, beginning Monday, December 5th and concluding midday Tuesday, December 6th, will be something you won't want to miss. It's all about bringing new ideas to investors, and investors to great ideas.  We are looking forward to a busy, productive, interesting and entertaining conference! Pre-registration is required.


After nine years of researching companies, writing reports, and putting our own capital on the line, LD MICRO is proud to announce its fourth annual conference on December 7th and 8th, 2011.  We've invited 101 companies and over a hundred fifty institutions focused on small and micro-cap names. Last year, a record 510 people attended the main event.  The conference will be held at the beautiful Luxe Sunset Bel Air, rated one of the premier hotels of Southern California.  To register, please call 408-457-1042 or e-mail Chris@ldmicro.com


We look forward with great excitement to our next Micro-Cap Conference, to be held January 9, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan. This will be our fourth such event, and we could not be more pleased with the response of presenters and investors alike to these dynamic gatherings.

 Sidoti & Company, LLC Micro-Cap Conferences afford little-known companies a chance to strut their stuff in front of a group of savvy institutional investors — declaring what their organizations are all about, what innovations they have developed and/or capitalized on, how they stand out from their rivals, and why the investment community should pay attention to them.

Our conferences have great value for attendees, as well. In our view, even some seasoned investment professionals simply do not grasp that thousands of micro-cap companies meet or exceed large-cap companies in terms of favorable ratios, strong cash flow, and low debt. Sidoti & Company has made it our mission to shed light on the sub-$200 million micro-cap space and its trove of neglected gems. Our collaborative and informative Micro-Cap Conferences contribute greatly to this enlightenment process, as we introduce companies that boast sound fundamentals and intriguing stories, show fast growth and profitability, or otherwise hold great promise, yet are largely unknown to investors. At our last conference, nearly every major institutional investor in the micro-cap sector was present - with 400 attendees in total.

In addition, we now have twenty analysts focused solely on micro-cap stocks, currently covering 170 names and expecting to cover 600 by the end of 2012. Already our Micro-Cap Best of the Buys publication is a big hit with our clients. The micro-cap companies we follow afford a fascinating look into how times are changing-along with investment opportunities. At Sidoti, we are never afraid to try something new if it makes sense to us, and we think our foray into micro-caps is panning out wonderfully.


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