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Business Plan Writing Service Review:,, GrowThink and

The micro cap company executive has to learn how to delegate if he wants to be successful as a leader, more specifically a small business visionary needs to be able to effectively communicate his business goals, visions, and achievements.  Business plans have been touted for years as the way to sustainably grow and achieve success in a business.  The concept is quite simple, to do anything you need a plan, and running a business of any size is no different.  The Fortune 500 company usually has a team and space dedicated to the development of their business plan.

Business plans are evolving documents that outline the company's strategy and operation method along with financing plans and executive summaries.  But the outline of a business plan can be perceived to be deceptively easy.  Thus most small businesses and entrepreneurs, and even some smaller corporations, commonly make the mistake of writing the sole and only business plan for their development by themselves.  The pitfalls usually occur in the business plan not getting finished or being extremely skewed in perception (usually skewed toward the favor of the party who wrote it).

Since the business plan  is a working document, it should be cost-effective; meaning it should not break your bank before you make any money.  Various agencies write business plans and tailor them to any clients needs.  The best advice can offer it's readers is to call each agency and see what they have to offer.  Although many business plan writers are in the market, we have compiled a limited list of parties that currently offer services varying in price and time of fulfillment.

  • course we are bias, but we must mention that we do write compensated research reports that can be tailored in any way.  Please see for more information.
  • GrowThink-Consulting, Investment Banking, & Products and Programs.  Growthink Consulting Group can develop the right strategies & plans for you to achieve outstanding success. Growthink Securities raises equity and debt capital and executes M&A transactions for our clients. Products & Programs Growthink Publishing offers do-it-yourself products to help you start, grow & exit your business. 
  • decision to get a business plan from goes hand in hand with what it means to be an entrepreneur: hiring people to get the job done quickly and effectively. Save your time and get it done right.  The founder of can also be commissioned to write business plans through his own website. 
  • Bplans contains the largest single online collection of free sample business plans. In addition, it has helpful tools and know-how for managing your business. Bplans includes practical advice on planning, interactive tools and calculators, and a panel of experts who have answered thousands of questions from people like you. Bplans has won several awards as a valuable "plain talk" resource. 
The best bet is to call a few parties and see which one can work with your budget and time line.  Finding the right agency to write you business plan may bot be easy, but once you have the right partner, the world will seem wide open, financing will come easy and revenues will grow more steady.

Hope this was helpful

-The MicroCapCompany Team
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