Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review of Micro Cap Companies Trading OTC: ARTW and BEES

ARTW:  Art’s-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. It is primarily engaged in the fabrication and sale of farm machinery in the agricultural sector of the United States. Primary product offerings include: portable and stationary animal feed processing equipment, hay and forage equipment, sugar beet harvesting equipment, land maintenance equipment, a line of portable grain augers, a line of manure spreaders and moldboard plows. The Company operates in three business segments: Art’s-Way Manufacturing (agricultural products), Art’s-Way Vessels (pressurized vessels) and Art’s-Way Scientific (modular building). Art’s-Way Manufacturing manufactures farm equipment under its own and private labels. Art’s-Way Manufacturing has two wholly owned operating subsidiaries. Art’s-Way Vessels manufactures pressure vessels. Art’s-Way Scientific manufactures modular buildings for various uses, commonly animal containment and research laboratories.

BEES: BEESFREE, Inc. develops and commercializes solutions for the beekeepers communities. The company develops a patent-pending technology that dispenses mixture of chemical compounds to bees in order to help bees prevent and cope with the effects of colony collapse disorder (CCD). The company was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. BeesFree Inc. is a development stage company that develops and commercializes innovative solutions for the beekeeping community. They intend to operate on a global basis. They plan to manufacture and sell our patent-pending technology that dispenses and delivers our proprietary mixture of chemical compounds to the bee population in order to prevent the effects of colony collapse disorder or CCD. CCD is a phenomenon in which worker bees from beehive or colony abruptly disappear. Generally, a live queen bee remains, no dead honey bees are seen in the hive, there is still honey in the hive and immature bees, called broods, are present. Entomologists and scientists across the world have established CCD not a specific disease but rather a characteristic of colonies collapsing from an assortment of pathogens, physiological stress, pesticide intoxications primarily related to the massive use of neonicotinoids in intense agricultural farming. For additional information please visit our website at www.beesfree.biz DISCLAIMER: MicroCapCompany.com has been compensated for promotion and awareness services for BeesFree, Inc.

Disclaimer about micro cap stocks: Information is the investor's best tool when it comes to investing wisely. But accurate information about "microcap stocks" — low-priced stocks issued by the smallest of companies — may be difficult to find. Many microcap companies do not file financial reports with the SEC, so it's hard for investors to get the facts about the company's management, products, services, and finances. When reliable information is scarce, fraudsters can easily spread false information about microcap companies, making profits while creating losses for unsuspecting investors.

In the battle against microcap fraud, the SEC has toughened its rules and taken actions against wrongdoers, but we can't stop every microcap fraud. We need your help in winning the battle. Before you consider investing in a microcap company, arm yourself first with information. This alert tells you about microcap stocks, how to find information, what "red flags" to consider, and where to turn if you run into trouble.  Please continue to read more on the S.E.C. website.

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