Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Micro Cap Companies & Micro Cap Stocks in Review

Here at MicroCapCompany.com we look forward to everything about small cap companies, micro cap companies, and micro cap stocks.  Here is a little review to keep you updated on what is happening in Micro Cap Land:

Sidoti & Company, LLC Seventh Micro-Cap Conference June 7, 2013 at The Grand Hyatt Hotel New York-Sidoti & Co., LLC is delighted to invite you to our seventh Semi-Annual Micro-Cap Conference on June 7, 2013. This semi-annual event has become the most important get-together on Wall Street for investors and managements of companies with small market caps. No leading firm other than Sidoti has dedicated 20 research analysts and an entirely separate institutional sales-team to micro-caps, and we are proud that we have gained credibility for this sector of the market. Read more on the Sidoti Micro Cap Conference

Micro Caps Can Be Especially Risky In The Russell 2000-The Russell 2000 is scheduled to be reconstituted this summer. The process entails ranking companies by market capitalization on May 31, and publication of preliminary additions and deletions on June 14. A new membership list is to be made available on July 1. While inclusion is typically a status-conferring boon, problems stemming from removal need discussion. This article focuses on three relevant companies. Read entire article on Seeking Alpha

Royce Micro-Cap Trust (NYSE: RMT) as of March 31, 2013-The only micro cap closed end fund reports.  See story on MarketWatch

The Coming Boom In MicroCap Agriculture Stocks-I talk to a lot of professional investors on a daily basis on MicroCapClub, and more and more investors are expecting a bull market of epic proportion in agriculture stocks over the next decade. The key difference between a potential bull market in agriculture versus, let's say technology, is the scarcity of microcap agriculture companies. There are tons of microcap technology companies, but very few microcap agriculture companies. A couple of Ag-food analysts I've spoken to are scouring the Earth trying to find the next big thing in Ag. The Agriculture-Food industry is dominated by a few large multinational behemoths. In this article, I'll highlight some trends in food and mention a few potential microcap benefactors for the coming agriculture boom. See full story on Seeking Alpha

Micro cap invests in high-growth tech companies-The startup mania in tech that took hold of the United States as a slow economic recovery set in following the crash of 2008 has been mirrored north of the border. In Canada, just like in Menlo Park and in dorm rooms up and down the Eastern seaboard, there are thousands of startups who want to be the next Instagram or Twitter. Much of the reason for the sheer number of companies is that they are simply cheaper to start. And with customer facing social networks giving instant feedback, it takes much less time for founders to figure out if they have a winner on their hands or egg on their face. Over the next several years, this wave of tech will underscore how different the world of venture capital is Canada. Here, without big time VC’s to nurture them, startups are often forced to leave the nest early and seek public money by going public on the TSX Venture Exchange. Read more at StockHouse

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