Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Use Algorithmic and Flash Trading

Algorithmic Trading 

The term algorithmic trading refers to trading using software that has implemented some trading strategies. The structure of this software is similar to the combination of expert systems and software agents. This kind of automated software had the ability to make decisions based on variables defined by the user on when to trade, at what rates and determines the amounts needed for trading. Algorithmic trading consistently applies the fastest and therefore best trading strategies, thus reducing the influence of human emotions on decision-making process and avoids problems that can be caused by lack of concentration, distractions and recklessness. It also helps consistency, because automated trading does not risk your investments. Algorithmic trading gives you the ability to monitor a large number of parameters and decision making in real time. Another advantage of this kind of trading is time saving. It takes so little time to complete trades with this trading and you can use that time to check other trading strategies.

Flash Trading

Flash trading has many similarities with algorithmic trading but it is a different term. Flash trading is a type of high frequency trading. When we talk about flash trading it's all about speed – this is a method that allows traders to view orders from other market participants in a matter of milliseconds before other traders.

These terms as we have mentioned previously are also related to high frequency trading. The largest part of trading on the world's most developed financial markets (around three quarters) refers to high frequency trading. It represents a contemporary evolution/transition in the world's largest financial markets, its key concepts and course: algorithmic and high frequency trading. There is a real transformation in the structure of financial markets in which complex and advanced informational and communication systems are involved. This type of trading will definitely replace traders who manually place trading orders.

Why Farctate.com

Farctate.com is following these financial trends and is proud to announce that it is the first web based company that offers flash trading to the public. They are also offering algorithmic trading, which include dozens of algorithms adapted to the market demands.

Farctate.com makes modern computer based trading easy. Thanks to there professional team and customers receive ready-to-use algorithms adjusted to their needs. What is making this process easy is that the traders don’t have to have any previous coding skills.

With algorithm and flash trading expected to see record demand be among the first successful traders to use web based trading. Farctate.com will always dedicated to software and service development in order to remain one of the most innovative companies in the online trading industry.

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