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Private Charter Airlines Can Benefit from OTC, Small Cap and Micro Cap trading Airline Companies

Before presenting A List of Small Cap, Micro Cap and OTC Trading Airline Companies, let us review and know what the terms stand for and how do they affect the stock market drastically and how much impact these trading options can have over the airline companies.

The stock market and investing in stocks have always been really exciting and interesting, especially for those who have interest, know the essentials and have something to invest. Stocks based upon Cap are usually differentiated in two Micro Cap, Small Cap, Mid Cap and Big Cap. Each of these trading options offers slightly different perspective of trading in stocks. While knowing about the airline companies; what they are spending there money on and how much they are making.....These Micro Cap and Small Cap Companies can that are publicly traded can also help the small charter airline Go Big!

A List of Small Cap, Micro Cap and OTC Trading Airline Companies Includes,
  • AFLYY Air France 
  • AFLYY Air China
  • AFLYY Air Canada 
This is a small list (others known are encouraged to comment below so we can add them to the list) but sufficient to know where to start.  Small Cap and OTC traded stocks like the ones listed can be a perfect partner to the start-up private air charter service looking for funding or investors.  The attributes of these few major airlines make them perfect as an investor/partner when trying to enter a highly regulated market such as aviation.  And because the company is public, we understand the financial standing of the company, which means we know if they are prone to invest, and how much money they would have to invest in any given quarter according to their balance sheet.

Represented by the ticker AFLYY, Air France, is a corporate share holding company that has ownership in Air France and KLM. It is primarily the provider of air transportation for international and domestic location for passengers and cargo. The completed and detailed share structure of the company is visible over the site (this link will help the investors or potential partners to understand their financial standing)

Whether you have ambitions of starting your own airline or are looking for a small cap airline stock to invest in, these Micro, Small Cap and OTC companies are a great starting point. The low market capitalization of these airline companies allows private venture capital (those with enough funds) to consider takeover options.

Because each of these airlines are publicly traded airlines, meaning that public also can invest and enjoy profits, they are subject to S.E.C. rules. OTC stocks are basically the stocks that are generally traded through broker dealers and not through the typically centralized stock exchanges, such as major stock exchange markets like NASDAQ and NYSE. There is a rumor that NASDAQ may not completely comply to the requirements of a broker dealers system, but in actuality it does. The most popular and major OTC stock trading markets include OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet (OTC Markets Inc).

Because these companies are still guided by the S.E.C., certain requirements for filing and shareholder rights pertain.  The companies trading with OTC are not just small cap or micro cap companies, big giants also trade OTC to avoid high fees associated with the major stock markets.  Trading OTC (over-the-counter) means that there are minimum disclosure requirement and in some cases no requirements for reporting to the public at all.

The most up to date information, if any is available, is available on the OTC Markets website for AirFrance, AirChina and AirCanada. If you wish to take the advantage of these airlines trading patterns be sure to be diligent in your research.  If you are looking for a company that has high upside potential, they may be worth a look.

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