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Promoting Your Micro Cap Company or Private Venture in 2014

Traditional means of attracting the investment public are dead!  Now you better have an image to go along with the business or idea you are selling.  This article is not geared so much to the successful profitable venture (although you will learn something about how to gain a larger audience of investors) but to the start-up or those looking to raise capital particularly.

The Entrepreneur will have an onslaught of options when it comes to marketing, but if you are trying to simultaneously gain investors, partners or loans... you may soon realize that your budget could be totally depleted on marketing efforts alone...with No guarantees.  There's Investor Relations agencies, Search Engine Optimization Companies (SEO), Social Media Firms, Television-Print-Radio Sources, Newspapers and Advertising Agencies all telling you how much you need them.  And for the most part, it's true.  Promotion of your private equity deals or OTC company is not easy.  It should entail all of these to some degree...but to what degree??

The first step to effectively promote a private venture looking to go public, an OTC company, and/or a private equity deal is to focus on what you are selling.  Your business model!  How does the company or venture make money??  Answer this and you are ready to go to step 2...

The second step is to revolve all aspects (SEO, SEM, IR etc..) of your promotional campaign around what the venture is selling.  That's it.  As long as you stay within budget (which is a totally separate post), this will accomplish ten times what "Professionals" outline or plan out.  

For example...Let's say you have a company that sells online advertising space.  Let's call it MicroCapCompany LLC for example purposes only.  Everything in your campaign should revolve around selling your product, not selling the investor.  Wait, I thought we are trying to attract capital???  We are...wait for it.....
  • Your SEO efforts should try to rank you Page 1 on search engines for terms like "advertising space" or if you are a blog "blogs with advertising space"...your SEO research and team should be able to go into Google Adwords for free and check the most searched words in your niche.  
  • Your Social Media Marketing should tweet, facebook post, share and like everything related to "advertising online".
  • If you are paying for a "blog mention" it should be on a website related to your niche.  For example, it would do no good for a company about tree-houses, that wants to showcase its photo collection in North Dakota, to advertise on
  • Investor Relations should always try to sell the company's products or services first and then the company.  And targeting funds within your niche will go along way.  
.....Now that you have tailored your campaign to sell your products and/or services, investors are easier to attract.  The first thing an investor asks is what do you do??  The Promotional Campaign answered that question.  Not only does a targeted promotional campaign with a focus on sales revenue cut out small talk, but it assures potential investors.  If you are looking for a lucrative investment, you want to see their focus.  Well vetted entrepreneurs and business people looking to invest can see through the company looking to find money and the company in it to win it.

The backdoor payoff is that while you look for investors, you company gains revenues.  And when you run into the investor, which you will because you just ran a promotional campaign, your sales pitch will be short because your marketing efforts turned a profit before the investor even showed up at the door.

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