Monday, April 28, 2014

Presetting Social Media Strategies for Small Cap and Micro Cap Public Companies

If you are an investor relations professional, CEO, COO or executive at a public know it's your job to sell!  And sales generally come with properly marketing your company.  In today's era, Social Media plays a big role for raising the awareness of a company's products or services to the consuming public.  If your company or your client's company is a start-up, penny stock, looking to raise capital, or sell private equity.... a social media strategy can help act as an IR Firm would; issuing news releases and communicating with a large investor pool.

Presetting Your Online Presence to Look Live.... 
The small cap company, micro cap company or penny stock has no excuse for not running a social media strategy.  It is now easier than ever to preset your social media to publish automatically.  Services like tweetdeck and hootsuite allow you to schedule post on almost all major social media sites like google, facebook and twitter.  And if you don't want to spend time learning those sites, there are individuals and companies that can automate your social media campaign for your company.

The Content Issue....
Knowing how to preset your campaign is half the battle.  The other half is making sure to have good content to distribute.  Social Media sites should not be used as an advertising platform, where you simply spam links about your service or post item after item that you have for sale.  Social Media is about talking and relating to the public.  Good Content will be original and relevant.  If it is national coin week, and you are a collectibles dealer, you may want to talk about coins all week.

Converting Your Preset Online Social Media Campaign....
Once you  have content uploaded and ready to be sent out, you must be ready to convert the potential leads you derive from your social media campaign.  If your goal is to get investors, then you should be ready with your pitch, PPM or offer.  If your goal is sales off your website, then your ecommerce website should be ready to handle the orders.  Good tips are to follow, like or comment on people, companies, or entities that are similar to you or that you have targeted based on what you are seeking to achieve from you campaign.

In Closing.....
There is no reason for a company traded publicly to not have a social media campaign in looks amateur.  Especially small cap companies and micro cap companies; your potential investor pool is younger.  They use social media, and if you haven't posted anything on your twitter in 5 months, they think you are out of business.  If you have a twitter or facebook and it is not active, then delete them or do something!

-The MicroCapCompany Team
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