Monday, May 19, 2014

Micro Cap Companies, Entrepreneurs and Investors Look to Build Infrastructure in Africa

The World is now more connected than ever and a company named Sirius Africa, By The Fabian Grey Group, is looking to capitalize on the trend.  Sirius Africa helps the youth through creativity platforms, technological innovation and entrepreneurial connections.  The group is in the process of planning and facilitating the building of “The Creative Media Center” (The Center) in Lagos Africa.

The Center will house a theatre, recording studio, art design classrooms and an incubator to foster the growth of artist and entrepreneurs in Africa connecting them to entrepreneurs, designers and artists in other parts of the world.  With the many negative images coming from investments in Africa, Sirius Africa is breaking the mold with a push for a sustainable Africa and the empowerment of young artists and entrepreneurs.

The news has gone viral with everyday people making videos to show support for the mission.  A quick search on YouTube and you will find people that have turned on their computer camera to make a quick 30 second video to support the venture.  The African government is not far behind, now in talks with Sirius Africa to donate the land on which The Media Center will be built.  Two months ago the company developed a Campaign Shoot which was highly successful in raising the awareness of the project.

Micro Cap Companies and Entrepreneurs have much to gain from The Media Center and Investors that get in on the ground floor stand to reap great rewards.  The connections made at The Media Center alone will be very lucrative to business people and parties involved in the media and arts and will act as a networking facilitator for major entertainment companies such as Universal, Disney, Viacom and more.  It will also open the door for designers and design companies like Prada, Gucci, and others to connect to prominent yet unknown fashion designers from Africa through the use of Pop-up Shops, shared office space and a number of creative outlets.

The second edition of the Africa Business Conference (ABC), tagged ‘African Lions Arising: Driving Private Sector Growth through Enhanced Intra-Africa Trade’ will be held at Lagos Business School, May 30, 2014.
The conference, organised by the school’s Africa Business Club, holds more promise for prospective participants than the maiden edition last year. It seeks to bridge the gap between potential and contemporary business leaders so as to ensure sustainable prosperity on the continent.

Quoting Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-born business tycoon: “The problems of Africa lie with Africa, and yes, so does the solution.” Consequently, the second edition of the conference is also focused on promoting credible and sustainable partnerships between African businesses and their foreign counterparts.

The event will be graced by business leaders, industry experts and regulators across Africa, such as Eleni Gabre-Madhin (CEO Eleni LLC), Mark Turrell (WEF – World Economic Forum, Young Global Leader), Donald Kaberuka (AfDB – African Development Bank Group, President), Jonathan Richardson (Australian High Commission), Ladi Delano (Bakrie Delano Africa – BDA), Stephen Karingi (Director, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa – UNECA), Chinedu Nebo (minister of power), among others.

As Africa continues to be a magnet for investors looking for greater returns, the economy of business continues to become more secure.  Projects like Sirius Africa’s Media Center will facilitate sustainability and confidence in the continent as a whole.  While investors have long struggled to find reliability in Africa’s infrastructure, it looks like the tide is turning.

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