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What Micro Cap Companies Should Expect from Retained Investor Relations Firms

Ask a 10 CEOs what an Investor Relations firms does and you will get ten different answers.  The truth is that much has changed in the past 10 years in regards to the responsibilities and duties of an Investor Relations arm of a public company.

The Old Investor Relations Gig.....
In the past, investor relations companies focused on putting together an agenda for the CEO to attend microcap conferences. These were traditionally called road shows. The investor relations agent was also responsible for issuing press releases and developing a story-line to market companies. Some investor relations firm would have a call center dedicated to attracting new investors for the company. Agencies would also reached out to publications on television, radio and print to bring awareness to their client companies.

The New Investor Relations Gig.....
Today, things have changed a bit.  The new IR professional is generally responsible for the same things as in the past, just in a different way.  Road Shows, including micro cap conferences, are weighted less in the total IR/PR program.  Although conferences in the microcap sector still somewhat thrive with attendance, new outlets have emerged that accomplish the same task with less cost.  Now Google Chats and Skype Calls are common and IR firms should leverage these technologies to enhance market awareness.  Before, press releases where sent through the newswires, now, they are still sent through the newswires....but your newswires should be connected to blogs and pertinent online websites for maximum exposure.  To top it all off, you IR professional should also be maintaining your social media sites, websites, and overall marketing strategy.

What Micro Cap Companies Should Expect (or demand) from Retained Investor Relations Firms....
While the list is not all inclusive, one should be aware of the following elements of an investor relations program, which should be included:

  • Responses to Investor inquiries 
  • Social Media Campaign and Timeline
  • News Release Titles, Subject and Content creation
  • News Release Timeline
  • Investor Outreach
  • Target Media Outlet List
  • List of Networking Events
  • Conference Call Schedule
Again this list is not all inclusive, there are many investor relations firm that provide more or less than this list.  The point here is to make sure there is efficacy and return on investment.  The goal is to keep your company in the face of investors and potential partners. 

-The MicroCapCompany Team
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