Saturday, August 27, 2016

Giving Your Business The D! What Entrepreneurs & Startups Need to Succeed

After working with over 200 businesses large and small I have seen a common trend in the founder and executives of these companies.  Almost all of the successful business managers and CEOs give their business the D!

Get your head out of the gutter, here are a few things you need to make sure your business is a success:

  • Dedication: You need to be willing to commit and see the vision all the way through to completion.
  • Desire: You have to want it and you have to want it bad!  Your desire to succeed must be greater than the obstacles you will face (and trust me there will be many).
  • Direction: You need to know where you are going.  Smart and effective business leaders know exactly where they want to take their business even if they don't know how they are going to get there.
  • Discipline: Regardless of whether you are just starting a business or running a public company, you need the discipline to put the pieces together day-in and day-out.  A set routine is critical for success - - even if you are not doing the same thing every day.
  • Drive: This is different from desire.  Desire comes from a deep wanting to accomplish your goal.  Drive is the engine that gets you up in the morning to beat the day and all the hurdles that are coming your way.
  • Diligence: Cross your Ts and dot you Is, follow through and follow up.  Diligence is defined as "careful and persistent work or effort."
  • Deadlines: Set goals and set a date.  These benchmarks make it easier to recognize if you are making traction toward your goals. 
  • Demand: This carries two connotations.  The first is that successful clients of mine demand a lot from everyone around them and second is that they usually align their business in a sector that is in demand.  A lot can be said about the latter, after all you don't want to sell ice cubes in the north pole.  Positioning your service or product where there is a demand or finding demand and reverse engineering a service or product will determine your business's fate.

So next time someone asks you how your business is going, tell them that you are giving your business the D!

Hope this helps,

-Nick Coriano

About the Author: Nicholas Coriano, JD is an Entrepreneur &  Business Consultant.  He has worked at Merrill Lynch, The New York Stock Exchange and is currently a partner at Cervitude Intelligent Relations.  Learn more about him here. He is the author of Rules For Entrepreneurship available now on Amazon.

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