Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Targeted Location Based Pay Per Click Advertisements Can Help Penny Stocks, Crowdfunding & Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

Penny Stock Companies, Micro Cap Investor Relations, crowdfunding campaigns and entrepreneurs can explode their business sales and marketing efforts for just pennies on the dollar through pay per click ads. 

If you haven't heard of pay per click (PPC) marketing yet than let me take this opportunity to explain to you the newest and most cost effective way to market your business.  Let me start off by saying that I am a skeptic so when I heard you can effectively market you business for just $1 per day I did not believe it, not even for one second.  But after testing PPC via Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter I am truly a believer. 

Here is a screen shot of me boosting a post from one of my many Facebook pages.  In this screen shot I am looking to advertise a property I have for sale in Kingman, Arizona.  The property is located directly between Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Facebook allowed me to target where in the country the people are that will see the advertisements. 
Also Facebook allows me to advertise to people that are interested in certain things, like "real estate investing". 

While each platform is different almost all PPC allow you to target geographically your potential customer so your display is only shown to people in certain States, Cities or Countries. 

Google Adwords, which is the way to pay Google to advertise allows you to customize your advertisements to words that people searching the Internet type.  So for example if I wanted my add to ONLY show up when people search "Land For Sale in Kingman Arizona" than I could run ads for just that keyword phrase. 

How does it work?  Well you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.  Which means in the example above if no one ever searches the words "Land For Sale in Kingman Arizona" than you will pay nothing.  The cost per click depends on the keywords so the more demand normally the higher the price per click.  For example "banks" would probably cost more than "paper clips for sale". 

Further more many programs including Adwords by Google and Facebook advertising allow you to start advertising for just $1 per day.  I do not only love this but I advise clients and colleagues that you should never raise the price of your budget.  I have several successful businesses running on $1 per day and when I want to grow the business, I make more ads versus adding to the budget.  This is because no matter what your budget Google/Facebook spread out the budget to be as effective as possible.  Also a bigger budget does not mean more people are searching for product or service.

So how does this help penny stock executives, crowdfunding efforts or entrepreneurs? 

Well if you haven't noticed already targeting by geography can be extremely effective.  For example targeting investors in Greenwich, CT will have a higher likelihood of having a millionaire see your ad versus target a small town like Little Falls, NY (one is a rich suburb of NYC and the other a small town in upstate with a few thousand people).  Same would be true if you are trying to target customers for skis (which may be a hard sale in Puerto Rico and an easier sale in Colorado). 

Targeting based on interest or words searched (for Google) is also extremely effective.  On Facebook targeting people that have an interest in Entrepreneurship or Private Equity may make it easier for a penny stock to find a ready and willing buyer.  Even more narrow only showing your ad to those interested in "TDAmeritrade" or "ScottTrade" will probably yield great results since both are broker dealers of OTC Market companies.  And even more narrow target keywords on Google like "Mining Penny Stock To Buy" or "Skis For Sale in Colorado" or "New Penny Stocks in NY" will lead a potential customer right to your door step and now you absolutely know what they were looking for before they got there. 

If you have had any experience with any of these platforms and feel like you can ad to this conversation, please comment below.  I hope this was helpful,

-Nick Coriano

About the Author: Nicholas Coriano, JD is an Entrepreneur &  Business Consultant.  He has worked at Merrill Lynch, The New York Stock Exchange and is currently a partner at Cervitude Intelligent Relations.  Learn more about him here. He is the author of Rules For Entrepreneurship available now on Amazon.

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  1. Adwords allows an advertiser to target geographically his potential customer so that his ad display is only shown to people in certain States, Cities or Countries. This is the main advantage of Adwords. But one hidden thing need to keep in mind that before lunch any ad campaign an adwords consultant should put his negative keywords for having the better result. Thanks for sharing this great article.