Thursday, February 9, 2017

How Penny Stocks, Micro-cap Companies and Investor Relations Firms Can Leverage SEO

Penny stocks, micro-cap companies and investor relations firms are grossly under utilizing search engine optimization as a technique to attract awareness in their company as well as their company's offerings.

What is SEO? S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization and is the process of ranking naturally in the search engines. For example, a website with good SEO will rank on page one of Google when a certain keyword or keyword phrase is typed in. For example if you are searching a "business plan writer" on Google, Yahoo or Bing then the first website that shows up has optimized their website for the keywords "business plan writer".

To understand how SEO can be valuable to penny stocks, micro-cap companies or investor relations agencies I would like to digress and describe how I learned about SEO. Simply, I was blogging about all things I know about my blog. These topics included startups, micro cap companies, business planning as well as blogging about services I provide such as business plan writing services, private placement memorandum development, website development and more. After writing over 10 articles, and after about a year or so I saw traffic coming into my blog. On the back of a blog or website generally there is a way to see where traffic is coming from. You can see if the traffic is coming from a particular search engine like Google or Yahoo and sometimes you can see what keywords people are searching before they end up on your website. In my case I saw that people we're searching business plan writer in Connecticut and my website was showing up. Sure enough when I search Google for business plan writer in Connecticut my website was the first one to show up. I actually found out when I stopped advertising one month and I got a phone call for a potential business plan client who said he found me on the internet. It was then that I realized how powerful search engine optimization was to my business.

So how can SEO be helpful to penny stocks, micro-cap companies and investor relations firms?

The goal of any company is to market itself to potential customers or clients and get revenue. In the investor relations world the job is to create an awareness about a company in order to attract potential investors. If companies use SEO correctly they can get targeted traffic to their website without having to pay for advertising via pay-per-click campaigns or social media marketing. Granted you will need to spend the time writing articles and original content for your website but the benefits far outweigh the time and effort put in to optimizing your website. Let me give some examples:

  • If you are a penny stock in the mining sector and are mining for gold for example... the more you reference mining or penny stock on your website the higher the likelihood is that you will naturally rank on a search engine for those keywords. So for example if someone types in "Penny Stock Mining Company" into a search engine, a website that has referenced those particular keywords will show up naturally on the first page or even has the first listing on a search engine.
  • If a website references the words "small public companies in the textile industry" more than other websites then it will show up first the search engines. Someone typing in these words is probably looking for this sort of company.
  • Let's say the penny stock is an internet company. If the keywords on the website, which should be written about often, are "penny stock internet company" then the traffic from search engines will lead potential people searching the term to the website.
An overwhelming percentage of people start their search on a search engine. About 90% from most case studies. This means if someone is searching for a good investment, a particular penny stock, a micro cap company in a certain industry or even just an investor relations firm; they are starting on a search engine. If penny stocks, micro-cap companies, investor relations agencies focus on reverse engineering what a potential investor or customer or client will search then they can target the entire 3+ billion people online.  What I love most about SEO is that if done right it will far outlast the efforts of other traditional paid advertising mediums. 

Think about it!  How would you like to be the first website that shows up when someone types in "good penny stock investments" or "silver mining companies in Canada" or "micro cap investor relations firm"?? 

If you have had success with SEO in this fashion, let us know by commenting below.  I hope this was enlightening.  Success and nothing less...

-Nick Coriano

About the Author: Nicholas Coriano is a Business Consultant.  He is a graduate of The University of Connecticut Business School and the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.  He has worked at Merrill Lynch, The New York Stock Exchange and is currently a partner at Cervitude Intelligent Relations, which specializes in Investor Relations for companies valued under $1 Billion USD.

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