Monday, May 1, 2017

Interviews with Small Cap, Micro Cap & Penny Stock Company CEOs

The investing world is fascinated with micro cap companies and penny stocks.  The allure of buying in early and cheap before the price goes up is why many are investing in the first place.  Interestingly enough, I have found, that access to information on these companies is often pretty easy to come by; as CEO's of these smaller companies can easily be reached via telephone or email.  But for the CEO's themselves; cost effective and branded investor relations or marketing is not so easy to find. 

Thus, here at we interview CEO's of smaller publicly traded companies.  If you are a CEO of a public company, or know a CEO looking for exposure, simply email the following questions with your answers to and we will send you the time when the interview will be posted live.  The service is free.  Once posted, its posted forever allowing traffic years from now to help build your brand. 
  • Who are you? (include name, title, background, etc) 
  • What does your company do? (include business activities, company name, stock symbol, how long has the company been publicly traded, etc.)
  • Where is the business located? (include location of offices or business activities)
  • Why should people invest or partner with your company? (include competitive advantage or what's in the future for your company, etc.)
  • Where can they find out more information about your company? 
That's it.  Simple send these questions answered to and we will post the interview here on 

The goal is to provide a cost efficient & time efficient service to CEO's & public company marketers; so keep it to under 3-5 sentences per question...even shorter may be better.   

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