Monday, June 19, 2017 Interviews OTC Traded REAC Group Inc CEO Robert DeAngelis

Who are you? (include name, title, background, etc) 
My name is Robert DeAngelis, I've been involved in the real estate sector for over 30 years as a real estate agent, real estate marketer and real estate investor.  I am the CEO of REAC Group Inc. 

What does your company do? (include business activities, company name, stock symbol, how long has the company been publicly traded, etc.)
My company is focused on real estate businesses and investments.  REAC Group Inc trades on the OTC Markets currently under the stock ticker "REAC".  We've been public for over 5 years and seek partnerships in real estate ventures around the world. 

Where is the business located? (include location of offices or business activities)
We are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but our investment focus on real estate is worldwide.  We are very opportunistic and our business activities are not limited.

Why should people invest or partner with your company? (include competitive advantage or what's in the future for your company, etc.)
Currently, we are a small company and the upside potential is large.  We are seeking to put money into cash flow positive deals and real estate partnerships that will bring the greatest ROI for shareholders. 

Where can they find out more information about your company? 
Check out our website at


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