Monday, September 4, 2017

The Master Of Small Caps & Micro Cap Stock Investing Chuck Royce Talks Techniques & Trading Tactics

The world of micro cap investing as seen by master micro cap investor Chuck Royce.  In this interview with Forbes, Chuck Royce explains why he chose the world of micro cap and small cap investing over other investments and explains why there is always opportunity in the micro cap space.

Charles (Chuck) M. Royce is known as one of the pioneers of small-cap investing. He has been the portfolio manager for Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund since 1972.  Prior to that, he served as the Director of Research at Scheinman, Hochstin, Trotta and as a security analyst at Blair & Co.  Mr. Royce holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. 

Mr. Royce is the CEO of The Royce Funds. The Royce Funds is a family of mutual funds that focuses primarily on small-cap investing, and has been considered one of the industry's most experienced smaller-company stock pickers. Royce & Associates, LLC serves as investment adviser to all Royce portfolios, including open-end mutual funds and closed-end funds.
As of December 31, 2014, Royce had approximately $32 billion in total assets under management.
Royce uses a bottom-up approach to invest in small-cap and micro-cap stocks. Royce's disciplined, value-oriented approach attempts to pay close attention to risk and company fundamentals. 

Watch the interview with Mr. Royce here:

-Nick Coriano

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