Sunday, October 22, 2017

How Micro Cap Companies Can Use Twitter To Build Credibility in the Investor Marketplace

Big companies and small companies alike are trying to accomplish one task when marketing.  That task is to make their business, services or products more credible in the eyes of potential consumers, clients, customers and investors.  Most CEOs should know that social media is a cost effective way to reach the public and Twitter has been a powerhouse in most sectors and industries in one way or another.  In America, the President uses it as a personal bullhorn to get his message across quickly and efficiently (regardless of whether you agree with what he says). 

So how do you use Twitter to build credibility?

Well let me break down this question into what type of twitter account you have: personal or business.  Your personal account would be something like what I have at my personal twitter @NicholasCoriano ...a business account is branded in your business name with a business logo such as the case for our twitter account here at @MicroCapCompany

If you are running a branded account you want to decide the voice of your account.  This means what will you be tweeting about.  I suggest to imagine who your target customer is and what that person or businesses wants to read.  If you are the source of information for your target customer, you are off to a great start.  If you are running a personal account, then authenticity is the key.  People want to follow a real person, not a staged mannequin.  But THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO BUILD CREDIBILTY ON TWITTER IS: ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT!!!!

Here are a few ways to engage with targeted people on twitter:
  • Search:  Searching Twitter can help you find potential customers or like minded people.  For example, if I search "need a business plan writer", I commonly find people tweeting about how hard it is to write a business plan, which is perfect for my business plan writing services.  I reply to them and say "I can help, check out".  See my video on How to Get Clients from Twitter for more information.
  • Twitter Chats:  People and companies on Twitter hold Twitter Chats found by hashtags.  For example, #StartupChats is held by Canada Startups and Winnie Sun has a financial chat found at #WinnieSun (see twitter @SunGroupWP).  Usually there is a moderator that asks questions and anyone on twitter can chime in and answer.  And sometimes the chats are summarized and retweeted like below
  • Retweeting, replying and following:  Follow people and accounts that you are interested in and retweet them.  Replying to post will start the conversation which will lead you into engagement.  If they follow you back, then Twitter gives the option to direct message them which is as good as an email address. 
The more a micro cap company engages with their target audience, the more credible they become.  This is in part due to the fact that the company with the twitter account builds the narrative. 

Hope this helps.  At Cervitude IR, we help small cap and micro cap companies valued under $1 billion with social media efforts.  See for more information. 

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