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Sample Marketing Plan Section of a Business Plan

I've written hundreds of business plans for clients as well as for my own ventures.  Mainly for clients, and sometimes I get an email or message on my twitter or my LinkedIn that asks if I have samples.  In need of updating a business plan for one of my own businesses (found at, I figured I would share the marketing plan section of my business plan with my audience here at

A background on my business model currently at includes business services.  Mainly business plans, business proposals, pitch decks and financial projections.  I also build websites for clients and manage social media accounts for businesses and brands.  Here are some of the ways I will be marketing myself in 2018:

My 2018 Marketing Plan

Products and Service
  • Business Services: Formations, Business Plans, Consulting, Marketing Plans, Social Media Management, Investor Relations Services.  
  • Digital Products: Ebooks, Dropship Products
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  • Advertisement postings will be placed on Craigslist. 
  • Currently 6 craigslist accounts are active with two posting on each account. 
  • Target locations include New York City, Connecticut, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Texas. 
  • All advertisements will be reposted twice a week to stay live and will be revised for efficacy.  

  • Daily posting on Twitter will be automated to some extent with trending topics & daily posting done manually each morning. 
  • The automated postings on Twitter will include motivational tweets and entrepreneurship quotes from successful business people. 
  • Each week new members will be engaged by favoriting, retweeting or commenting on each tweet. Influencers will be sought and put on a list to continuously engage with by commenting, liking or retweeting their post. 
  • Some tweets, sporadically, will mention influencers individually or in a group. 
  • Hashtags for trending topics will be used as they appear and business related hashtags will be used sporadically throughout automated postings. 
  • Automation of postings will be done through HootSuite and we be revamped every 90 days.
  • Appropriate hashtags include #business #venturecapital #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #startups #smallbusiness etc. 
  • No paid advertisements are expected to be run in 2018 on Twitter. 
  • Hashtags for major events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, other Major Sporting events, National Holidays and others will be put into a calendar and timelined for release on the appropriate days.  

  • Daily postings will be released through Facebook on the Cervitude IR facebook page.  These post will be shared within entrepreneurship groups and business groups on Facebook once a week.  5 Posts will be "boosted" for $1 per day equating to $5 per day on paid Facebook promotion. 
  • The personal account of Nicholas Coriano will utilize the Stories feature to post daily videos, pictures and promotions on Facebook Stories.  Filters will be used on Facebook stories to create characters that will give business advice.    Some posts, sporadically, will tag friends, other pages and/or influencers individually or in a group. 
  • A seasonal holiday calendar will be followed to release holiday related content on a preset schedule.

The strategy for LinkedIn is the following:

  • Automate Posts to publish every hour, 7 days per week
  • Publish Weekly Post, copied from blog, on LinkedIn articles
  • Direct message all contacts monthly with service offerings (outsource)
  • Tag influencers and industry connections in postings

Instagram:  The strategy for Instagram is the following:
  • Create original quotes in the form of Nickism's (see Instgram on Instastories and share as Instagram posts
  • Repost Facebook Stories on Instagram Posts
  • Create Short Instagram Post Videos that can later be shared on YouTube and other channels
  • Photograph nature and document day to day activities tagging locations and hashtags
  • Shoot YouTube Series, "An Entrepreneur's Journey" on Instastories
  • Be topical and focus on subjects that are both evergreen and trending
  • Tag Influencers and prompt people to share on Photos or Videos with motivational or business messages
  • Sponsor post to target specific preset targeted groups (with Facebook targeting) with a focus on Connecticut entrepreneurs, OTC Companies, Business Owners....selling business services and/or digital products.
  • Promote and lead customers to digital products or services valued at $1000 with recurring income

Google Adwords: 
  • Run ads 365 days per week. 
  • Focus on cost per click and strive for conversion rate
  • Give incentive for saying they came off Google Adwords
  • Copy click funnel and scripts from effective conversion
  • Run ads for recurring product lines & service products over $1500
  • Cut off one ad per month and add one ad per month

  • MicroCapCompany: Write articles that help startups understand the business formation process, help them with business planning, show them how to effectively market their business venture (both online and offline) and give them advice & knowhow on scaling and growing their business.  Use credible sources.   Publish Weekly.  Every post is a possible book chapter.  Repost videos of billionaire mentors.  Repost videos of Nicholas Coriano's An Entrepreneurs Journey
  • Dominate keywords business plan writer, business plan consultant, Connecticut Business Plan Consultant, Connecticut Business Consultant, Massachusetts Business Consultant, New York Business Consultant.  Every blog post is a possible book chapter.  Repost videos of Nicholas Coriano's An Entrepreneurs Journey
  • Place a pictures, saved with the targeted keywords, in each blog post.

  • Publish videos that add value to the subscriber
  • Target keywords of the services offered
  • Promote Ebook at the end of the vlog
  • Make sure the description is lengthy and also adds more value
  • Use videos shot on Instagram or Facebook
  • Add links to the next video on each video
  • Add subscriber button on each video
  • Use relevant tags on each video
  • Reuse videos to launch e-course on

  • Promote the sale of the first Ebook on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Videos, Twitters, LinkedIn through automated posts via Hootsuite
  • Use to transcribe videos into text, which are posted on blogs, which become chapters for the next Ebooks
  • Use Instagram feed as chapters for quote book
Attend business and entrepreneur meetups found via in
  • Connecticut: Bridgeport, Stamford, Westport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven
  • New York: Albany, New York City, Westchester, New Rochelle

  • Develop a calendar for conferences including Investor Relations conferences, Public Company Conferences & Social Media Conferences 

Monthly emails that add value to the Cervitude IR mail list, promoting our core services
  • Immigration Attorney email promoting $1000+ business plan writing service
  • OTCQB email re-introduction promoting monthly service contract for 3 months
  • Emails to local businesses introducing our services

Follow-up Emails to Past Clients:
  • Reiterate corresponding services such as business plans, pitch decks, website development, business incorporation and formation, social media establishment and automation, social media management, etc.

Follow-up with Potential Clients: 
  • Call and email potential clients that have already called or emailed our business.  Streamline the contact process to re-contact every 7 days until they either buy or let us know that they no longer need the service.

Promote Package Deals:
  • In order to promote products at a higher price point, package deals have been created and will be advertised on all social media platforms and mediums mentioned above. 

Scale Tools:
Tools and tactics that will help in the scaling of the business, allowing it to grow with the same profit margins and maximum efficiency include:

  • Phone Answering Service:  To answer all inbound call traffic 24/7/365
  • Directing Leads to Contact via Email or Text:  All traffic on websites and social media will be directed to contact the company via text or email to effectively handle incoming lead traffic
  • Customizable Templates:  Templates will be developed for business plans and products that are consistently produced in order to cut down on the time it takes to execute the services purchased by entrepreneurs. 
  • Contractors available to outsource service work:  Selective contractors will be hired and sourced for selective work.  Only work that can be outsourced while retaining quality will be handed off to qualified professionals.
  • Automated responses & preset scripts for outsource:  Automated responses and preset scripts will be developed for response emails, inbound calls, frequently asked questions and cold calling.
  • Prescheduling of social media posts: Tools like hootsuite and buffer will be used to preschedule social media posts.

Of course this is a working document and changes will be implemented as needed.  All marketing plans should be living documents, altered as data from action steps come in.  If you feel like any of these marketing plans should be implemented into your business, feel free to use them  If you would like to get a custom full fledged marketing plan developed for your business, see


About the Author: Nicholas Coriano, JD is an Entrepreneur &  Business Consultant.  He has worked at Merrill Lynch, The New York Stock Exchange and is currently a partner at Cervitude Intelligent Relations.  Learn more about him here. He is the author of Rules For Entrepreneurship available now on Amazon.

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