About Me

My name is Nicholas Coriano and I am the author and founder of MicroCapCompany.com

My interest in penny stocks started at a very young age after paying my first stock market game at the age of 13.  I purchased my first stock at the age of 14 and went on to get a degree in Business Finance from the University of Connecticut.  While I was in college studying finance I worked for Merrill Lynch in Westport, CT within their Private Wealth Management group where I helped my mentors and higher-ups consult high net worth clients on their stock portfolios, stock investments and diversification of their assets. 

Upon graduation I landed my dream job at the New York Stock Exchange where I interned in the Market Surveillance department analyzing and searching for insider trading activity.  Upon successfully finishing my internship I was accepted into The John Marshall Law School (JMLS) in Chicago, IL and three years later received a Juris Doctorate degree in Law (yes I'm a Lawyer!).  While at JMLS I studied Securities Law and wrote a thesis paper on "Going Public In Today's Internet Era".

As you can see I am formally educated in Finance and Securities Law but moreover my true passion is the capital markets.  I know it sounds pretty lame but I love the stock market, finance and the inner workings of how companies go public.  I am fascinated with penny stocks, micro cap companies and small cap stocks and while at JMLS I started blogging about these subjects here on MicroCapCompany.com.  I also started an investor relations company which led me back to Wall Street after graduation in 2012.

In 2012, upon graduation from JMLS I began working with penny stock companies, micro cap companies and small cap public companies to perform investor relations functions.  Basically I helped these penny stocks and micro cap companies get noticed by investors; both private investors and institutional investors.   I also helped these public companies (and startups & entrepreneurs) with their business plans, investor pitch deck presentations and pro-forma financial statements. 

By 2015 I had helped over 200 executives, entrepreneurs, investors and public companies in some capacity or another launch, grow or find investors for their businesses. I continue to write about penny stocks and micro cap companies here in MicroCapCompany.com and consult clients via my personal website www.NicholasCoriano.com or my consulting firm www.Cervitude.com.

In 2016 I launched the Penny Stock Power Hour after countless emails from investors and executives needing consultation within the Penny Stock space.  If you have questions about penny stocks or want to chat about penny stocks, I can help. See my penny stock consulting services for more information. 

In 2017 I wrote a book about Entrepreneurship and some tips and tools that I have found helpful in business and life.  Buy My Book on Amazon : Rules to Entrepreneurship “Notes for living life on your terms and taking on the bull.”

Follow me on Twitter here.  Or connect with me on LinkedIn here. Hope my blog helps you get a better understanding about penny stocks, micro cap companies, entrepreneurialism, startups and business in general. 

Success and nothing less,