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Reaching Investors, Entrepreneurs, Day Traders, Financial Gurus & Micro Cap Company Enthusiasts can be a real challenge! Newspapers don’t do well here and they are costly.  A day after they are distributed they are old news and go right in the trash, this is besides the fact that the target demographic is more than likely to NOT be reading newspapers.  Direct mail is also costly and you are not wuite sure if you are targeting the right crowd.  Increasingly potential customers, our readers and blog visitors, are turning to search engines and the Internet for help in making buying decisions.  The MicroCapCompany Blog Magazine is the most popular news source online for everything Business and no one beats our unique mix of news, events and Investing Commentary and product features, and other post in our coverage of stocks, business, legal, finra, SEC developments, penny stock trading activity, investing and more., as a brand, extends beyond the pages of the normal print magazines or even local television or radio advertising, to the world wide web.  Our visitors find an interactive and engaging online experience and read unique articles, videos, info-graphics and reports on entrepreneurship, business, Wall Street, marketing, start-ups, law, economics and finance. Blog Magazine’s digital products offer a variety of opportunities to connect with the I Am Grand Life subscribers and fans. offers advertising space in its monthly online magazine. Advertising on the blog magazine is a great way to draw attention to your business. Ad space is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is available for a monthly price (email for a discounted 3-month price). And our readership data is amazing!

Consider these facts:

We have on average 1,274 unique visits to our blog monthly.  In that time period we had even more page views.  Our readership continues to grow.  Over 60% of our visits from that time period were new readers and the other 40% were returning readers.  Our readers search key terms like "investments" "micro cap companies" "penny stocks" "business advice" "how to raise capital" and a slew of other terms (email us for complete list).  An average article will get 35+ organic pages views on the first day it is published.  Sharing buttons on our blog allow visitors to share content, driving more traffic to your ads! And our packages offer a wide array of solutions for your cost effective advertising needs.

 So how can we help you?

Advertise on The Blog. Check out these terrific advertising rates:

STANDARD FOOTER BANNER AD           – One month rate = $299
LARGE RIGHT SIDEBAR AD                       – One month rate = $399
SMALL RIGHT SIDEBAR AD                       - One month rate = $349

We also offer twitter promotion, blog mentions and feature stories within our blog articles:

Blog Feature Story: Your company will be a feature on our blog: $250
(Subject to Approval)
Hyperlink keywords in our blog article to your website: $50
Tweet your website or services on @MicroCapCompany $5 (once)
Tweet your website or services on @MicroCapCompany $20 (daily for 7 days)
Tweet your website or services on @MicroCapCompany $75 (daily for 30 days)

Note – Other ad sizes and advertising packages are available.  Blog features, inserted hyperlinks and twitter promotions are kept up for the life of our blog.  Please email if you have any questions.  Or contact us at (203)-685-0346 or

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