Hire A Penny Stock Consultant

Penny stock investors and entrepreneurs often need counsel to answer questions in regards to penny stock investing, forming a penny stock company, contacting management of penny stock companies, etc.  Here at MicroCapCompany.com our founder now offers penny stock consulting for investors, executives, hedge funds, venture capital and anyone interested in learning more about penny stocks.

The Penny Stock Power Hour
Hiring me (learn more about me here) is easy.  I charge $100 per hour and I will answer any questions you have about penny stocks.  Have a question about penny stocks in general?  No problem, I will walk you through any questions you have about penny stocks, micro cap stocks, small cap stocks or the stock market in general.  Need to know the difference about penny stocks trading over the counter (OTC) or on the Nasdaq?  Easy, simply contact me and schedule a time to have a Penny Stock Power Hour and I will answer any questions you may have.  It is amazing how much information we can cover in just one hour.

How I Help Penny Stock Investors
Regardless of whether you have never purchased a penny stock or whether you are an avid investor I can help.  I help penny stock investors by explaining and discussing at length topics including but not limited to:
  • What is a Penny Stock and why are they risky?
  • Why does a certain Penny Stock have volume or no volume?
  • How can I contact the executives or management of a Penny Stock company?
  • How do I purchase wholesale shares of a Penny Stock?
  • How can I form a Penny Stock public company of my own?
  • How do I register shares of a Penny Stock I bought pre-IPO?
  • Where and how can I buy Penny Stocks?
  • And more!
How I Help Penny Stock Company Executives?
If you are part of management within a penny stock company or manage a fund of penny stocks, micro cap stocks or small cap stocks I can consult and work with you on the following:
  • Establishing liquidity in your publicly traded Penny Stock
  • Formulating a Penny Stock Investor Relations program to increase liquidity
  • Representation for your Penny Stock at Investor Conferences
  • Scheduling & Hosting Penny Stock quarterly conference calls
  • Development of PPM's and Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Introductions to Penny Stock market makers & professionals
  • And more!
I have helped dozens of penny stock investors and penny stock companies better understand their position and their future in the penny stock arena.  If you need something more extensive than The Penny Stock Power Hour it can be discussed during our first conference call.  But most questions, even the more intricate topics within penny stocks investing or penny stock company management can be answered during the Penny Stock Power Hour.  Once you have emailed me and we have scheduled a time to speak, I will invoice you for the first Penny Stock Power Hour via PayPal which can be paid with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  If during the conference call you feel more time is needed I offer on-going consulting which can be discussed upon the end of the initial hour consultation.   Email me today to schedule a call.