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Welcome to MicroCaps.info™, the micro cap branded compensated research and business planning medium. Started in 2010 as a magazine blog focused on small businesses (public and private), the tradename re-branded its Internet presence to the current MicroCapCompany.com in 2011. MicroCaps.info™ now releases on-demand for investors, research firms, venture capitalists, and others in need of diligent research, business plans and profiles on or for micro cap companies.

MicroCaps.info™ is utilized mostly by micro cap investor relations companies and micro cap fund companies that need a professional way to research, strategize and present their portfolio of companies.  It is also can be used by entrepreneurs and small business owners to execute a professional business plan.


MicroCaps.info™ is a cost efficient provider of compensated research on micro cap and small cap public companies. Our research will meet disclosure mandates from the S.E.C. and will be disseminated through out MicroCapCompany.com and affiliate sites, which consist of more than a dozen stock promotion sites, news wires and online portals.  On-demand profiles and research via MicroCaps.info™ comes in two different formats; digital and printed. Our printed version can be mailed directly to a list of accredited investors, hedge funds, broker dealers and institutional bankers.  Research reports can be for internal or external use and help buyers and sellers of micro cap stocks decide whether to purchase or sell their holdings at any particular time.

Our Research Reports (compensated research reports) include:
  • Professional Layout Design
  • Full Color Printing (Optional)
  • Postage, Shipping and Handling (Optional)
  • Research of Competitors 
  • Research of Overall Industry
  • Statement of Financials
  • Forward Looking Statements and Opinions
  • Buy and Sell Ratings
  • & more.


Need a well researched business plan?  MicroCaps.info™ has a dedicated team of professionals that research, and develop over 100 business plans per year.  Business Plans are a must for attracting investments and providing direction for companies both large and small.  The professional business plan by MicroCaps.info™ allows prospective investors insight on how a company will profit in any given market sector and showcase the company history and future game plan.  The business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. This living document generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to grow revenues. The business plan will include the following depending on the nature and stage of your business venture:

  • Cover Page and Table of Contents 
  • Executive Summary 
  • Business Description 
  • Business Environment Analysis 
  • Industry Background 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Marketing Plan 
  • Operations Plan 
  • Management Summary 
  • Financial Plan 
  • Attachments and Milestones
The format of a business plan or research report depends on its presentation context. We will work with you to make sure we know exactly what you need to accomplish with the business plan.  It is not uncommon for businesses, especially start-ups to have three or four formats for the same business plan or research report. No matter what your business or client is trying to accomplish, we can guide you through the way and make sure you have a professional, time sensitive, efficient document to help you portray your idea and vision for your business. Ready to talk, call 203-685-0346 or email CervitudeNetwork@gmail.com today!

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